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October 04, 2005



Girl, you can get addi's on ebay for way less...I just ordered a pair of size 8, 24 in and 16 in with shipping for less than $20.00 It's from the jeff_wonderland that everyone talks about on KH! I'm going to buy 2 or 4 every payday until I have 16 & 24" in all sizes of addi's...well, this is my intention!
Nice yarn score! size 2 dpns are my faves for sox!!


Let this not disway my 'secret' pal from buying me other sizes of Addi Turbos. hehehe. And I'm SO SORRY to have sEx without you, dear Mel, but it's not my fault you're a responsible adult who works! What can I say?


Ok, so like, this is totally unfair. Or maybe it is fair cause I have such a cool MIL.
Either way, I'm drooling and very excited about your new Turbos!! I think I have Addis envy...

And hey!!! You had SeX without me?!?! *drama* :P

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